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28 June 2010 @ 03:26 pm
Ah~~~ home sweet home... where i can type in my LJ every half a year....

no wait.... WAIT!

*looking around my surroundings*
shabby, tiny room... air condition on... 99% Black hair with yellow skin... mandarin mandarin mandarin... date June 28 2010....

I'm not home yet. I'm still in China. But I can visit LJ......

You got to be kidding me! LJ is NOT banned after like 3 years? But I feel so lost of touch here. Ah~~~~~~ homesick.
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12 February 2010 @ 05:37 pm

I went and saw the Torch relay on Thursday.... what more can I say? It was very cool and I've posted pictures up in my Facebook. Since watching the Torch relay is once in a life time, I thought I can catch it twice in one day, and that was what I did: I catched it first time at Clarendon st and catched it again on Main st.

Pictures is worth a thousand words (or maybe even more) so off to facebook and leave me be.

I got to take Mango to the pet clinic later on so I better off to bed.

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11 February 2010 @ 06:48 pm
This entry entirely is to respond to my other blog site.... and here I type just to prove that the sudden insight to what-could-possibly-be-the-password-to-this-account is correct.

Ah~~~ looking at this old blog site brings back memories. I have this site for almost 6 years! That's like...when i was just 20~ an age where i was young and carefree.

Anyway, I seriously need to get some rest, otherwise i'm not fit for following the torch relay live!

And it's interesting that I did post an entry last year around this time. Sometimes things just have their way around. Without remembering, one can be typing a journal almost exactly a week, a month, or even a year later! I always find it interesting in some unbelieveable sense.

I also notice the song i was listening to last year this time. Speaking of them VAMPS has release so many songs that I never follow any of them. How horrible, given that I'm a Hyde fan.

I've found another group worth checking out: Flumpool
Quite a new group to my knowledge but they've done many theme songs for J-dramas already!

Maybe I'll update one more time before I fly.
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06 February 2009 @ 11:21 pm
Ages since I was last here.... refering to my archives,  a year and a half  was the last time i visited!
Nothing new pops up for me to mention them here and since I cannot update this as often as I would like thoughts all get transfer to another blog site.

Reading old entries is cool.
Writing up new entries is cool too.

This site is so dead that i cannot ignore it! It is my very first blog.....

I was back from Beijing on Jan 22. Did the usual that I have always done these past couple of years: meet up with pals and eating the cuisines that I have cravings for: enjoying the process everytime~

The very first wedding (that means something to me) that i attended was brother's. Ever since then, people around me a popping up the good news here and there.... that now, it really start to hit me in the face!

I'm in that age already?!?!

Time goes by.  Time can do so many things. It can change things; it can wash away feelings that once hurt so much; it  gives new hopes or bring worries (but it's usually the former); it forces people to age and grow and hopefully mature..... it's priceless. But like the saying "nothing is perfect", time maybe able to do a lot of things, one thing it cannot do is going backward, it cannot pause or stop needless to say backward.

For some time now, but still quite recently, the feeling of time slipping away like sand in hourglass....that was described by elders are finally onto me; that is, i could feel it. Not exactly the best feeling but i was again slapped in the face. ah... time.

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03 September 2007 @ 12:23 am
Don't we all hate farewells. At least I do! But what the hell can I do?!

This month passed by way too fast... I'm not ready to leave yet!!! I'm not ready for the new school term yet!!! I'm not ready for jack anything!!!

And again, WTF can I do?!

Apparently I failed to finish my FF12 (DARN! *fist*) still got like 20 hours of game play left but haven't the heart to continue anymore............................ X______________X

Away I go on the fourth of this month.

Another 5 month hiatus for this LJ.......*sigh*
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Meh! so much for wanting to update often.

The past two weeks at home has been me relaxing, relaxing and more relaxing. Occasion gatherings with few pals make all the highlights.
Just the past weekend, I'd have to say the biggest yet, perhaps even for this month! would have to be bro's big wedding.

Church ceremony in the early afternoon and reception at night. The ceremony was grand and the reception was great - Disney themed... how can it not be great ;)

I had my tasks as well. Hopefully I've been of help.

Touched...definitely.... but as of now, it felt weird..... since bro and sis-in-law decided to move out.... the house became a lot more spacious. I guess I'm just trying to adjust to the new change.

That day, I was different. Kinda hope my pals were there to see me :P.... like ugly-duckling turned into swan or... Cinderella turned into, well, lovely dressed Cinderella. And when midnight strikes, all magics gone as I have to clean up and return to my former self. Still felt like a dream; at least there were photos of me taken (thus proof of my changes. :D)

This is pretty much the last week of my stay. Home sweet home, how it hurts me so to depart with thou!
Next week Tuesday, it's back to Beijing for me. Rest up a few days there and begin a new semester (with tons of courses to take...ah crap it all!) and another 5 freaking long months away from the sweet sweet life here in Vancouver.
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09 August 2007 @ 01:00 am

Arrived safe and sound back in Vancouver on Aug 6 in the evening.
Since then, the past two days has been just out with mom and stuff during the morning afternoon and then out again for dinner.

Tuesday was a nice early gathering with some good highschool friends. First off, finally have some decent ALL U CAN EAT japanese food since the past 5 months. Then, finally played texas hold'em since the past 5 months. It's all good!

Today's granny's bday so we celebrated first off with dim sum for lunch and then more restaurant at night. I'm seriously very very full...... i worry about my weight  -_-".

Tomorrow.... apparently will be more gathering with a few good pals. I look forward towards that.

It seems like I've changed quite a bit, in the eyes of the adults. Hummmmm.........

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27 July 2007 @ 01:18 pm
Arrived late at night in Taipei International Airport on July 22. The flights were smooth and obstacle-free.
Since then I've been in Taipei for almost a week now. Over all, didn't do too much BUT can't say I didn't do anything either! I'd say my life right now revolves around out for the afternoon and hogging the computer when relatives are all out (thank goodness they are busy... this gives me time alone in the house). Not many sites to visit on the WWW, except all my blogs.

Met up with relatives and people I met back in Vancouver. Seems like the fact that "L'int has gotten skinnier" has spread quite wide, way before I landed in Taiwan. Some spread cuz my mom said to them, a couple spread due to Facebook (crazy!). Not like I yelled loudly to the world but apparently my profile picture (pose + camera angles) projected such information.

I weighted myself when I landed, turned out I did indeed lose somewhere around 10kg. Well, since the food here is sooooo GOOOD.... I've actually gained about 2 kgs back already. Shit.... -_-"..... hopefully i can at least keep myself less than 60kg when i return to vancouver, otherwise my evil bro isn't going to acknowledge my lost-of-wt (that bastard)

Been missing people here; missing those in Vancouver and missing those in Beijing.

One week almost passed, One more week and then I can go home. HOME!!!! I WANT MY HOME!!!
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20 July 2007 @ 03:43 pm
Just a quick dropping by my good ol' blog on a rainbow :P
One school year in China officially over today. In two days I'll be flying to Taiwan first and then back home to Vancouver in August. Though there are ton of things for me to worry about, I simply don't want to give any crap about it today. Today I shall focus on cleaning up and packing my luggages.

Tomorrow I might do just a bit of last minute shopping. On Sunday, away I go!

Just thought of warming up this blog (I just temporary close down the other one until Sept.), as when I return in August, heh heh heh, bloggy is gonna be up and running for that month ;)

Yoshi~ Clean up fight-o-fight p(^_^)q
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27 April 2007 @ 11:02 pm
Midterm down! Woohoo!

Now, I just want to get away from it all.... but my one week break ain't starting until next week tuesday when May officially starts. Dang-it.

Drank a can of beer and had some snack after returning from the exam. Not exactly for how I performed for the exam, in fact, I don't regret with how I did because I entered the exam without feeling nervous and I know I gave it my best shot, but just felt like chugging down a can of beer.... which I've felt for the past days but controlled myself due to studying for the exam.

I think I'll spoil myself for the night..... some movies, music, and weird, odd, perverted thoughts. muwahahahahaah!!!!!

It's good to be "home" here on my little Arc in the Sky. Feel so nice, calm and peaceful.
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